Stories from Ghent

("An outing with mum", Gabrielle Wohmann)
Wandering through the old streets near Kraanlei in Ghent, Belgium last weekend, we stumbled upon Anina Soap Creatories, a (soap) studio run by the authentic & inspiring contemporary artist Karien Vandekerkhove. Karien makes 'conceptional soaps' by hand, using pure ingredients, olive oil and love only. I bought a deliciously smelling mint-ball and she also introduced us to her natural cold cream. Karien herself, the look & feel of her Creatories, the window, the logo, ... they are all one. The pictures speak for themselves, so all I'd like to add is a (freely translated) quote that Sarah (previous blogpost!) once sent me, and which also totally resonates with me and my own work:
"It's all stories.
Finally, one story is released.
It is prominent,
you can identify it.
But it needs all those stories
that lie underneath it."
- Martin Tissing

P.S.: Other must-visits in Gent: Mis-en-plis, Huiszwaluw, Spoonful of Sugar and Avalon.

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