spoonfuls of liquorish

The absolutely lovely Anthea of Spoonful magazine invited me to care for the Art Therapy feature in issue # 6. It includes a tutorial, of which this is a tiny sneak preview. You and I (in particular!) need to have a little patience, as issue 6 won't be available until the end of this year. Number 5, however, will be available soon. You can order it here!

Recently, I was asked to make a 'droppot' (liquorish pot) for a managing director to take with her into her new job. I suggested to her colleague it might be nice to fill the pot with kinds of 'drop' that refer to her director's qualities. This is what she emailed me: ..."I filled the pot with:  'Bielzendrop' - because you can trust and rely on J.; 'Trekdrop' - because J. is a strong and powerful woman; 'Smiley's' - because she's got a sense of humor; 'Boerderijdrop' - because of her love for animals; 'Sleuteldrop' - representing her success; and 'Halve maantjes' - refering to her spirituality."

Love it! Are you inspired? Find an overview of (all) kinds of 'drop' here.


  1. o yes ma'am, I'm inspired! How thoughtful!

  2. hooray!!! this will come out in a few days now!!