Three letters

This 300 meter (!) long barrack is deserted now...

However, in a letter dated October 8th, 1937, my grandpa describes what soldier life was like here (in Fort Erfprins, in Den Helder):"...Imagine: above your head, a round ceiling, everything built of bricks. Let's call it a cellar. In front of you, through a very small window, you see a 6 meter high wall. (...) And still, life has been alright here so far, as far as food is concerned..."

My aunt photocopied her father's letters that he wrote from here,
as well as some pictures that were taken of him.
We handed the documents over to a Fort Erfprins-volunteer, for them to be enclosed in their archive:

And, as "news is hidden in the PS's", I'd like to mention that both the volunteer's first √°nd surname were identical to my grandpa's names - except that my grandpa had three extra letters in his first name... Coincidence?

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