the latest news is hidden in the PS's...

Yesterday's publication in [nrc next] was about continually longing for each other and about counting down until the next moment my grandparents would see each other again. Several letters contain little drawn calenders: pieces of art to me! When reading the letters I clearly got the feeling that, no matter how many letters one would write to the other, it never filled up the emptiness of not being able to physically be together...

In one letter, grandpa wrote: "I also carefully read your comments in the PS's at the bottom (of your letter), since this is generally where the latest news is hidden". A subtle phrase, yet so true that I decided to turn it into a stamp. A statement to be used in your agenda/diary, in order to remind you (and myself!) of the beauty that lies in details, of the importance of regularly pushing the 'pause button' or in other words, to be aware.

The stamp says: "The latest news is hidden in the PS's." (In de PS'jes schuilt het meeste nieuws.) You can buy a brooch model of the stamp in my shop.

Have a look at the digital version of yesterday's photo here.

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  1. ik kan nog uren doorlezen....ik houd van deze verhalen (...ontmoetingen...)