'TEA-OCFE' in 4 steps

Newly custom made for a visiting lecturer in TOCFE ('Theory of Constraints for Education'). This theory uses 3 thinking tools to help solve conflicts, map targets, etc. Each of the 3 tools is visually represented by an easy to remember image: a cloud, a branch and a so called ambitious target trea. My custom made gift for the lecturer is called: 'TEA'-OCFE! (Click to enlarge.)

Step 1: "pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea". Step 2: "add a dash (= 'wolkje' in Dutch, literally meaning 'little cloud') of organic (soy)milk". Step 3: "stir with a twig/branch" (= 'takje'). I made twigs from honey-filled sticks > see last photo. Step 4: "serve with a leaf that has fallen from the ambitious target trea". This last step is accompanied by the recipe for leaf-shaped cookies. The leaves in the middle of the booklet can be cut out and used to shape the cookies.

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