On a regular basis (unless she is really impressed!), my inner art critic joins me at my desk on a chair next to me. She'll ask me why I'm not making more art, artier art or ART. She sometimes even manages to make me question my entire being. My first reaction is usually to kick her out of my studio, or to send her to the back of my head. Today I decided to give her some 'counterweight' and dug up these photo's. About 5 years ago I created this 'compliment-tent'
(= complimententent), as a part of an assignment to make a shelter. A tent consisting of encouraging words from (boy)friends and family taken from letters and postcards that I'd kept over the years. Even though it's far from airtight, spending time in this tent is extremely comfortable. My inner art critic promised me that she would take a break. If you're going camping one of these days you might see her using this tent!

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