Yesterday (I keep promoting this Beatles song...) we attended the world's first and only 'grass*conference, organized byYvette van der Aa. Yvette loves to play with words, is fond of wonder and amazement, of connecting and connections, of sincerely meeting people and of sharing. She combined these ingredients together with her talents into her 'mobiele verwonderwinkel', freely translated as 'mobile amazement store'. At the conference, everyone shared food, stories and blankets as well as recipes for amazement.

The 3rd image shows the invitation to the conference, two amazement-recipes that I got to bring home, as well as a button saying "Nice that I'm here!" I also recieve Yvette's PROEFabonnement, a handmade package full of inspiration sent out to several of her 'fans'. And, wow I'm honoured, my business card was enclosed in the 'bonus supplement' of the abonnement, together with a little story about how she and I met.

P.S.: don't you love the light in the 2nd photo? The flowers look like they have a shadow on the roof!

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