This is my grandpa's 'war-chest', in which he kept clothes, supplies and belongings. I've been keeping the letter collection in it ever since it was handed over to me. On the inside of the lid, grandpa wrote the dates of his participation days in the war with a pencil. During these so called 'May days' in 1940, he was a part of the 13th battery of the anti-aircraft artillery who's mission it was to defend airport Ypenburg near The Hague. My grandma lived in the north of the Netherlands. She was a teacher.

They wrote each other letters every two or three days, sometimes every day. Many corners of the envelopes are missing, as grandpa collected stamps. I love the soft colours, the 'W' that coincidently shows up three times, the folds, the tears, the way the paper feels... Click here to see a digital version of the photo that was published in yesterday's paper.

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  1. Dear Annet,
    I will write this in English because you site is also in English.
    I have just read your blogs and (finally) looked at your work. Wow, That is just soo amazing! You are incredibly talented. I am so happy that you have found your path in life and this talent has not gone to waste. Thank you also for the cards you have send us the past year. To 'Schenk Aandacht' is definately a life changing concept.